Workshop science writing

This workshop is for undergraduate or graduate students in science, or anyone interested in science writing! The workshop may cover all aspects of scientific writing - writing for experts and for lay audiences. Duration is flexible: a program may take a day, two days or longer. The course can be held in English (and Spanish).

Scientific / medical writing

I can help you writing your research paper to get it published. As a reviewer, I have ample experience in looking at data, judging the contents of a manuscript. I have experience in very different fields, ranging from biology, archaeology to medical biochemistry.

Content writing


Picamed is writing for various platforms and magazines connected to science or laboratory work in general. I am open for various options, ranging from deeper scientific work to interviews and journalism.



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'I found the project weeks very pleasant. What I remember most is the positive feedback and nice comments from our lecturer on all the texts we had to hand in. This gave me more motivation and I wanted to make the most of this, thank you!' Siham Chachouhi, UAS Leiden

‘I am sure that I have become a better writer after following this course.’ Thom, Science & Technology, UAS Leiden

'Especially the direct application, 'try it yourself', really appealed to me. Ideal for people who need to write theses and graduation reports.' Floor, Thomas, Jessica, Fontys UAS Eindhoven

'I liked the mini course on writing'.  Loubna, Science & Technology, UAS Leiden

'Very good and clear course, given in an enthusiastic way which makes it fun', Floor, Thomas, Jessica, Fontys UAS Eindhoven

Screenshots of the workshop slide show. Slides are in Dutch or English during the course, depending on the group.